How do I order?

You enter your zipcode and apply filters to choose what type of cuisine you are looking for, whether Restaurant or HomeStyle from our Local Chefs Network. Click on the one that makes you drool and the proceed to check out. The restaurant will receive your order and begin prepping your pick up. For a more detailed How-to watch this 2-minute video and you’ll never have to wonder again.

What happens after I submit an order?

We send your order to restaurant or local chef as soon as you submit. The restaurant or chef begins working on your order and you receive a confirmation and a receipt (text or email?). Then pick up your meal from them at the allotted time and leave them a rating and feedback. For a more detailed How-to watch this 2-minute video and you’ll never have to wonder again.

Didn’t receive an order confirmation email

Please check your spam folder first and make sure you add orders@247grub to your trusted senders list. If that does not work please reach out to us on our Contact us Page Contact us Page or phone us at xxx-xxx xxxx

My favorite restaurant is not on the list.

We are working very hard to ensure our network grows to include all your favorite restaurants and cravings. Please send us a quick note to recommend your favorite restuarants and we will do our best to bring them on.

How do we pick your local partners?

We work with local chefs, caterers and personal chefs who serve small-batch home-style meals – great for healthy, everyday eating. These chefs have been handpicked by us for their talent, commitment to quality and consistency.

What about Food Safety?

All our local chefs are thoroughly vetted and trained to maintain the highest standard of food safety and hygiene. We work with licensed kitchens that have the necessary insurances and food safety certifications and are inspected regularly by the Health Department. They follow all time and temperture protocols to ensure frehness and quality.

My order was messed up or something wrong with my food. What do I do?

We’re here 24x7 to make that right. If there’s something wrong with the food or the order, please contact the restaurant and let them know. You can find their contact number in the order confirmation message sent to you via email. If you do not find a satisfactory resolution, you can reach our Customer Care Desk at our Contact Us Page

I have a confirmation but restaurant says they don’t have my order. WTF? (Where’s The Food)

If the restaurant did not register your order for any reason, please Contact Us as soon as possible with your confirmation number

How do I leave feedback?

We would love to hear from you! Please call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx or write to us using our Contact Form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

What is “Order History”?

This section is is where you see everything you’ve ordered in the past. This can be helpful to reorder your favorites or to view and print receipts.

What does it cost to use the 24x7 Grub platform?

24x7 Grub is free to use for both you and the restaurants and local chefs for the launch period of six months. After which, the meal prices will include a 10% service fee for the convenience of using a platform that connects you to find money-saving deals and affordable prices on food in your area.

Why do the prices of my favorite menu items keep changing, sometimes even hourly?

24x7 Grub is a dynamic platform where restaurants and local homestyle chefs can vary prices on their customer favorites as per demand and inventory. In spite of already low prices on regular meals, there are times of the day or evening when prices are slashed for a quick sale. (Which is great if you’re the type to get the late-night munchies or late lunches, by the way.)

How do I edit or cancel an order after I place it?

Once an order is placed and you receive your confirmation, you have up to 10 minutes to change, edit or cancel your order if you change your mind. Once the food is prepared and packed for you, we are unable to cancel the order with the restaurant.

I have dietary restrictions or allergies. How can I communicate that to the Chef or Restaurant.

Please contact the restaurant or the local chef directly via the phone number listed on our app. For the most part, they will do their best to accommodate your dietary needs. However, since most meals are fixed and prepared daily specials, they may not be subject to change or substitutions.

Who can I call to check the status of my order?

Call the restaurant or chef for the status of the order. You can also check for the status on the app. Alternatively, you can call 24x7 Grub Customer Service

How are menu prices determined?

In the spirit of keeping prices on 24x7 Grub attractive, the Restaurants and Homestyle Chefs we work with set their menu prices for daily specials that are typically lower than their regular menu pricing. These prices may dynamically vary in response to demand, seasonal availability of ingredients and inventory.

Can I save my payment information?

Yes, our app has the option to save your payment information making it easy to reorder meals using the app. Please do remember to update cards when they are past validity to enjoy a seamless ordering experience.

How do I change my method of payment or credit card info?

On the Menu Page, Click on the Payment option and Select Update Payment Method.

Is my payment information secure?

We never share any of these details with restaurants, and we encrypt everything the second you hit that “order” button. 

How do I receive promotions and updates about new vendors added in my area?

Once you sign up with 24x7 Grub and create your account, you will receive weekly updates and promotions via email directly to your Inbox. If you selected not to receive these, please contact us to put you on the list to receive updates and great deals.

I forgot my login credentials (User Name, password)

Follow the Forgot Password link within the 24x7 Grub app to get a new password sent to you

How do I leave ratings and reviews?

Your ratings and reviews are very helpful to the 24x7 Grub community and give a great boost to our vendors who appreciate your honest feedback. After your order has been picked up, you will receive a notification on your app to rate your meal and service